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Although the toxic properties of lead have been known for centuries, federal regulations restricting the use of lead-based paint did not take effect until 1978. Many homes and other structures built prior to 1980 may still contain lead-based paint, and the dangers of lead-based paint may lurk below layers of lead-free paint.

The hazards of lead-based paint are not restricted to buildings, however. Some countries from which the United States imports products do not have strict standards regarding the use of lead-based paint, and lead all too frequently shows up in the paint on children's toys.

Our Philadelphia toxic tort attorneys have successfully represented innocent people exposed to lead through the paint in their homes and via contact with dangerous toys containing lead-based paint.

Lead-Based Paint & Children

Lead-based paint is dangerous to people of any age, but children are especially vulnerable to the devastating effects of lead exposure. Sufficient contact with lead can permanently harm the brain and nervous system, which are still developing in children.

Children also face a higher risk for means of exposure to lead-based paint in the form of ingesting paint chips from contaminated toys or old wall paint, or by inhaling dust particles from lingering lead-based paint.

Dangers of Lead-Based Paint

The adverse health effects of lead-based paint exposure can be debilitating and lifelong, and they are sometimes fatal.

Medical problems caused by contact with lead-based paint include:

  • Brain swelling and brain damage
  • Cognitive and developmental disabilities
  • High blood pressure
  • Nervous system damage
  • Organ damage

The medical expenses associated with caring for those exposed to lead-based paint can be overwhelming, and our nationally recognized chemical exposure lawyers at Golomb Legal have the experience, ability, resources and will to fight for victims of lead-based paint exposure and hold the responsible parties financially accountable for their negligence.

If you were harmed or a family member suffered wrongful death due to lead paint exposure, please contact Golomb Legal, for your free case evaluation. We represent clients from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and across the United States.

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