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Medical Monitoring Class Action Claims

The need for medical monitoring can arise from a number of circumstances, including exposure to a hazardous chemical or the use of prescription drugs later determined to be dangerous. Monitoring your medical condition can be costly and time consuming for patients and their families. It may involve constant blood work or MRI scans to detect dangerous conditions before they wreak havoc on your body. When this occurs, who will pay for these medical tests and medical monitoring?

At Golomb Legal, our Philadelphia medical monitoring attorneys understand the complexities surrounding consumer class action cases and the need for injured victims to be routinely monitored for life-threatening complications. As such, we fight aggressively to ensure that all injured victims receive the medical monitoring they need after being exposed to a toxic substance or dangerous drug.

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What are medical monitoring lawsuits?

Medical monitoring lawsuits typically seek to recover the quantifiable costs of periodic medical examinations or lab work that is needed to detect a disease before symptoms have occurred. Medical monitoring lawsuits are typically consumer class action cases that involve a number of individuals who may be at risk for future health problems after being exposed to a toxic substance as a result of a negligent or deliberately harmful act.

Golomb Legal is one of the few law firms that handles medical monitoring cases with regularity, and our team of Philadelphia-based attorneys has successfully fought for medical monitoring for clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and across the United States.

The need for medical monitoring is often connected to cases involving:

Although the symptoms of some health conditions associated with exposure to or contamination from a hazardous material are immediately evident, the symptoms of other medical conditions may take years-even decades-to manifest themselves. It is therefore critical that medical professionals monitor victims of such exposure to ensure that complications can be identified and treated as quickly as possible.

Types of Medical Monitoring Needs

The type of medical monitoring and the frequency you require this monitoring depends largely on the type of substance you have been exposed to. Monitoring may involve periodic blood work, physical medical exams, urine tests, CAT scans, MRIs, or X-rays.

This monitoring is essential for the early detection of serious medical complications and diseases. While not all victims who have been exposed to environmental toxins or defective drugs will be harmed, medical monitoring exists to identify those who will-before it is to late.

At Golomb Legal, we believe that negligent pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, and large corporations who routinely expose the public to toxic or harmful substances should be held responsible for the potential injuries they have caused. As such, we fight aggressively to ensure that medical monitoring is provided for everyone in the class action lawsuit.

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