Optavia® Class Action Lawsuits

Suing Optavia for Fraudulent Business Practices

Optavia® is a weight-loss and meal kit service that has surged in popularity in recent years. However, it has also become embroiled in controversies that could soon culminate in consumer class action lawsuits. Countless Optavia customers have accused the company of forcing them to auto-renew their membership subscriptions but never informed them that an auto-renewal would happen.

Are you an Optavia customer, specifically, an Optavia Premier member? Was your credit card or debit card charged automatically for a membership renewal without your input or permission? Golomb Legal and our class action attorneys want to hear from you. We are currently investigating auto-renewal lawsuit cases as they form from Optavia customers across the country. The more people we heard from, the stronger all the collective cases become when it comes time to file an individual claim or a class action.

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What Did Optavia Do Wrong?

Optavia belongs to the parent company, Medifast, Inc. Both companies have been accused of using misleading marketing to coerce consumers into agreeing to an auto-renewal subscription policy. Based on complaints from many consumers, even purchasing a single item off the Optavia website or out of the catalog will include an easy-to-miss clause about enrolling in an automatically renewing subscription. For example, purchasing just one bag of diet-friendly potato chips can then enroll the customer in the auto-renewal system without them being aware of it.

Optavia has been accused of the following:

  • Dishonest business practices
  • Consumer fraud
  • Misleading advertising or marketing
  • Contract violations

All of these violations can be cited or argued in cases against Optavia and Medifast, Inc. Again, the more people we talk to about how these companies defrauded them, the better. We will want to build a strong argument to show that your case is not unique, but, rather, Optavia has knowingly violated its membership contracts to auto-renew memberships and make more money.

Let Us Help You Understand Your Rights

Optavia Premier members should call (215) 278-4449 right now and speak with our Optavia class action attorneys. Also, check your credit card and debit card accounts to see if Optavia or Medifast, Inc. have charged you unknowingly for products and services. Please save any documentation you have available for our lawyers to review. If possible, you and everyone in the class action against Optavia could be entitled to damages that repay your losses and penalize the company for corporate wrongdoing.

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