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Disability insurance is a helpful resource for all workers. The feeling of security produced by investing in insurance makes the financial sacrifice worth it for many customers.

When purchasing insurance, you do so with the expectation of being able to rely on that insurance in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Disability insurance companies sometimes deny coverage, leaving their customers without any kind of financial resources.

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What Is Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance provides financial assistance in the instance of a work-disrupting injury or illness. If you cannot work, disability insurance is your safety net for earning an income. The financial assistance of disability insurance ensures you won’t need to spend your savings on bills when you are not working.

Group vs. Individual Disability Insurance

There are two forms of disability insurance plans: group coverage, and individual (or private) plans.

Group disability insurance plans are offered by employers and supply financial support to workers who are injured or ill during their time with their company.

Conversely, an individual disability insurance policy is purchased by a single person as their own coverage plan. Many people who do not have an employer-supplied group plan purchase their own disability insurance to cover expenses, but there are also people within a group plan who may choose to buy individual insurance as supplemental coverage.

My Insurance Company Won’t Pay My Claim — What Should I Do?

Although you are enrolled in an insurance plan, there may be instances in which your insurance company denies your claim. Preexisting conditions and out-of-network provider restrictions are only a few of the reasons your insurance company may have for denying your claim.

A lack of coverage only adds to the agony you are experiencing in the midst of your injury or illness and the resulting temporary unemployment. You may be able to receive the finances you are entitled to and alleviate some of this stress with the assistance of our Philadelphia disability insurance attorneys at Golomb Legal.

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