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Was Your Child Diagnosed with Autism or ADHD?

If your child was diagnosed with autism (autism spectrum disorder or ASD) or ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), and you took Tylenol while pregnant with them, then you might be shocked to learn that there could be a connection. New research has suggested that Tylenol use while pregnant can noticeably increase the child’s risk of autism. In light of this information, parents around the country are building Tylenol autism lawsuits that might form into a larger consumer class action.

Golomb Legal in Philadelphia is currently investigating the link between childhood autism and Tylenol or acetaminophen painkillers. If your child is 15 years old or younger and has received an ASD or ADHD diagnosis, please call us at (215) 278-4449. We can discuss the first steps needed to see if you have a valid claim or lawsuit.

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Does Tylenol Cause Autism?

As reported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), researchers from Boston Birth Cohort studied umbilical cord blood tissue from nearly 1,000 births. This specific tissue serves as a reliable indicator of health problems a newborn might have, as well as what the child was exposed to while developing. The researchers specifically looked for traces of acetaminophen and its byproducts when ingested and metabolized.

According to the researcher’s findings, children with higher-than-normal acetaminophen exposure had, on average, about 2.9 times the chance of being diagnosed with autism/ASD than children with lower acetaminophen levels in utero. This disparity is significant enough to warrant further research into the matter.

Pending Tylenol Autism Class Action Litigation

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) has already begun hearing oral arguments to consolidate Tylenol autism lawsuits into a larger class action. If this consolidation is approved, then potential plaintiffs around the country could have good reason to start exploring their legal options. Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of plaintiffs could potentially come together as a single class against Tylenol and Johnson & Johnson (J&J), its parent company. In some cases, named defendants include major retail companies that are still selling Tylenol despite this newly understood yet likely risk of autism.

The leading complaint is that Tylenol and other defendants failed to warn consumers about the potential risk of increased ASD/ADHD in children when pregnant mothers take the medication regularly. As mentioned, the scientific community has had reasons to suspect this link for years, so J&J reasonably knew about it, too.

Who Can File a Tylenol Autism Lawsuit?

Golomb Legal is here to help you discover your rights if you believe your child’s autism diagnosis is directly related to the mother’s Tylenol use while pregnant. Not everyone who has a child with autism or ASD will be eligible to file a claim or join a class action, but many might be. Don’t assume you have no options. Let us hear from you, so we can point you in the right direction using our years of legal experience.

You might be able to file a Tylenol autism lawsuit if:

  • Your child is younger than 15 years.
  • Your child was diagnosed with autism or ADHD.
  • The child’s mother took Tylenol often while pregnant.

Compensation Available to Victims & Claimants

The compensation in the forming Tylenol autism class action aims to make up for losses caused by the special health and education needs that some children with autism require. However, the majority of the compensation might be punitive based, which is used to punish a defendant for egregious or criminal wrongdoing. For example, the court might find that J&J has to pay large punitive damages to the plaintiff class for failing to warn them about the link between acetaminophen and autism.

When a class action lawsuit is successful, the monetary award is distributed evenly among the class members. People who want to be specifically compensated for their losses or hardships caused by a child’s autism diagnosis will need to opt out of the class and attempt to pursue individual legal recourse, which could be more difficult.

How an Attorney Can Help

Our Tylenol autism attorneys can help you by handling all parts of your lawsuit from start to finish. If it becomes part of a larger class action, then we will still be able to completely handle things for you. Our focus has always been on complex cases, especially those involving nationwide class actions against major corporations and Big Pharma companies like J&J. Leave everything up to us while you focus on other important things in your life.

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