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Did you purchase a vehicle in Pennsylvania – and possibly other states including Florida and Maryland – through a lease buyout agreement? You might have been overcharged through hidden and unlawful fees that weren’t disclosed when you originally leased the vehicle. A growing number of complaints from consumers across the state point to a trend among dealerships that tack on extra fees for vehicle lease buyouts. The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has commented that such extra fees and sales tactics are unlawful, and it’s time for consumers to speak up and demand justice.

Golomb Legal has a full team of consumer class action attorneys who are investigating claims of unlawful vehicle lease buyout fees. For decades, we have built our reputation as class action lawyers who have the experience, resources, and talents necessary to help consumers hold large companies and multinational corporations liable for deceitful practices. We’ve successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements against major defendants like Bank of America and Big Pharma companies. Using all we know and all that we can do, we’re ready to uphold the rights of anyone who was defrauded by car dealerships through unlawful vehicle lease buyout fees.

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Extra Charges for Vehicle Lease Buyouts

Mostly the few years following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have begun to report unexpectedly high vehicle lease buyout fees. In some cases, the buyout fee was listed at $0 when the lease was first signed, but the actual fee when the buyout option was enacted years later was $1,000 or more. This scheme might have taken money from you, and you might not have noticed because the fee is usually divided into the remaining monthly vehicle payments. You should check your vehicle lease buyout agreement now for any unexpected or undisclosed fees that weren’t there when you first signed the lease.

Extra charges for vehicle lease buyouts might be named on an itemized bill as:

  • Lease buyout agreement fee
  • Safety check fee
  • Additional processing fee
  • Miscellaneous costs

The above list is just a few of the more common ways that consumers have been charged more than they should have been by vehicle dealerships in Pennsylvania. Any unusual or previously undisclosed fee that you notice should be reported to our law firm immediately.

Why are Dealerships Charging Extra Lease Buyout Fees?

It is believed that some dishonest dealerships are charging extra lease buyout fees in response to higher costs and supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the height of the pandemic, new cars became harder to find, and the cost of used cars increased exponentially in response. However, anyone who signed a vehicle lease before the pandemic struck could still purchase their car at a pre-pandemic price when the lease ended, which would arguably give them a great deal. To increase the price and worsen those potential great deals, a dealership might charge hundreds or thousands of dollars in lease buyout fees that were not mentioned on the original lease.

Why would a dealership risk a criminal investigation and civil lawsuits by changing the terms of a lease buyout agreement after it was already signed by the consumer? The usual answer is just that they want a better bottom line at the end of the year. As a consumer, you don’t have to sit quietly while your rights are ignored to make a dollar. You have the right to fight back with the help of class action attorneys like ours.

How an Unlawful Lease Buyout Fee Attorney Can Help

Golomb Legal can be your legal guides and representatives in your case against the dealership or automakers that charged illegal vehicle lease buyout fees. As we investigate the stories of unlawful lease buyout fees throughout Pennsylvania and beyond, we expect there to be hundreds or thousands of consumers who have been defrauded in this way. A class action lawsuit may be needed to efficiently seek justice and compensation for the many, many potential plaintiffs.

Our class action lawyers are ready to help with all parts of a case, including:

  • Investigating claims of unlawful or deceptive lease buyout fees.
  • Collecting and reviewing evidence of deceptive business tactics on behalf of a dealership.
  • Creating and filing an individual lawsuit, if this option is the best way forward.
  • Helping you understand and navigate a class action lawsuit, if necessary.

We have built our careers on using powerful class action litigation to hold corporations accountable for deceptive business tactics that take advantage of consumers. We are looking forward to doing that again for consumers who were defrauded by different dealerships, but we need your help. The case against these businesses gets stronger with each consumer who speaks up, so tell us your story today.

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