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Deceptive Financial Services Lawsuits

Consumers should be able to expect that banks, credit card companies and other financial services entities with which they do business treat them fairly and in accordance with federal and state regulations. Unfortunately, financial institutions often attempt to increase their revenue at the expense of consumers by employing deceptive and unfair practices. These practices result in billions of dollars in profit for financial institutions-at the expense of the consumer.

Our Philadelphia consumer class action lawyers have a demonstrated knowledge of financial litigation and consumer protection law. For decades, we have successfully represented clients from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and across the country, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.


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Deceptive Financial Services Claims

Golomb Legal is currently investigating and actively pursuing claims related to:

Our attorneys have a broad range of regulatory knowledge, diverse financial litigation experience, and a national reputation for achieving timely resolutions and maximum compensation. We pursue consumer financial services cases aggressively, and we have the resources and expertise to successfully challenge big banks, credit card companies, and tax preparation franchises.

What Are Deceptive Financial Services?

Even though the Federal Trade Commission Act has prohibited unfair and deceptive practices since 1914, changing technology has allowed companies and institutions to continually challenge what is considered a deceptive practice.

In order for a financial service or practice to be considered deceptive or unfair, it must have:

  • Caused harm or is likely to cause harm to the consumer;
  • Cannot be reasonably avoided by the consumer;
  • Is not outweighed by countervailing benefits to the consumer.

Financial Institutions Put Profits Over People

Deceptive financial practices occur at an alarming rate to millions of unsuspecting consumers. From re-ordering checks to forced payment protection services, customers and consumers are often not even aware that they are being continually harmed by deceptive financial practices. For example, by simply re-ordering the sequence of your checks, banks are often able to charge multiple overdraft fees, instead of just one. Consumers don’t even realize that they have been deceived, and simply believe that this is just the way the business operates.

Fortunately, consumers don’t have to accept these deceptive practices without a fight. Banking institutions, credit card companies, and tax preparation franchises are in a business to make money. But when profits become more important than people, these institutions often cross the line and begin using deceptive financial practices to increase profit margins.

How A Deceptive Financial Practice Attorney Can Help

When large banks and financial institutions engage in deceptive financial practices, Golomb Legal is on your side. Our law firm has the resources needed to fight these large credit unions and financial firms, and we champion the rights of consumers everywhere. Through class action lawsuits, numerous victims of deceptive financial services can band together to shine a light on these deceptive and unfair practices. Together, we can take on these large banking institutions-and win.

If you believe you have been the victim of deceptive financial practices, please contact Golomb Legal for your free case evaluation. Banking institutions and credit card companies have a responsibility to treat consumers fairly and justly. When they fail to do so, they can-and should-be held responsible for their fraudulent and deceptive practices.

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Over $2 Billion Won in Verdicts and Settlements

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  • $358,000,000 Benicar Drug Settlement
  • $250,000,000 Granuflo Medical Device Settlement
  • $162,000,000 JP Morgan Class Action
  • $137,500,000 Citizen Bank Class Action
  • $130,000,000 Against Credit Card Companies
  • $90,000,000 PNC Bank Class Action
  • $70,000,000 TD Bank Class Action
  • More Than $65,000,000 On Behalf of Attorneys General
  • $62,500,000 TD Bank Class Action