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Kubota Corporation is a tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer with headquarters in Grapevine, Texas. Although the company has seen vast success since introducing its first tractor to the U.S. in 1969, the company is currently facing several legal issues.

Former owners and lessees of certain Kubota vehicles containing soy- and/or bio-based wiring insulation, wiring coatings, and other parts and components are seeking compensation for damages resulting from the inclusion of these materials. At Golomb Spirt Grunfeld, P.C., our Philadelphia class action attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers, and we have the knowledge and resources to challenge negligent companies and manufacturers.

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Kubota Class Action Lawsuit

According to a class action lawsuit against the tractor corporation, Kubota incorporates soy- and/or bio-based ingredients in the wiring in class vehicle electrical wiring systems that bait rodents to the vehicles and entices them to chew through and damage the wiring.

Although the parts are supposed to be more environmentally friendly and less expensive than other components, owners and lessees of these vehicles should not be required to bear the risk of future out-of-warranty problems for animal-damaged wiring.

Despite being aware of the defect, Kubota has failed to disclose the issue, and routinely refuses to repair them under its limited warranty. Worse still, it seems that when Kubota does repair defect-related damages, it simply uses new defective bio- or soy-based wiring parts or components, exposing vehicles to the same risk and likelihood of future damage.

As a result of the defect and the costs associated with repairs, many have suffered injuries, incurred damages, and been harmed by Kubota’s conduct. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit seek redress for Kubota’s violations of warranty laws and monetary and equitable relief for Kubota’s failure to honor the terms of its warranty and diminished value of their vehicles.

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