Kubota Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Defective Vehicles

Environmentally friendly vehicle wiring with a soy- and/or bio-based coating may be too tempting for rodents to resist. A new class-action lawsuit demands that the Kubota Tractor Corporation pick up the tab for damages caused by gnawing mice, rabbits and squirrels, who are attracted to these parts. The breach of warranty lawsuit, filed in Alabama, is a result of the manufacturer’s goal of going green and saving money. However, Kubota has failed to disclose the issue to purchasers and lessees of their vehicles, and they refuse to make repairs under their limited warranty.

On September 28, 2017, Burgess, a corporate citizen of Hillsboro, Alabama, purchased a 2017 Kubota L5460HSTC Tractor from Scott Equipment Company, Inc. (“Scott”), an authorized Kubota dealer in Russellville. Burgess used the vehicle for work purposes and kept it stored in a covered barn. In January 2018, Burgess was unable to properly operate the vehicle. Shortly thereafter, Burgess took the vehicle to Scott for repair assessment and technicians advised Burgess the wiring harnesses had been destroyed by rodents. Scott informed Burgess the repair and replacement would not be covered under any Kubota warranty, therefore Burgess was billed $1,753.10 for the repair and replacement of the wiring. Burgess paid the amount in full out of pocket.

Kubota failed to adequately fix the vehicle defect or reimburse Burgess for the rodent-related damage paid to repair the vehicle. Neither Kubota nor any of its agents, dealers, or other representatives informed Burgess of the defect prior to purchase.

Burgess Properties, LLC is filing a class-action lawsuit against Kubota, along with hundreds of other class members who have suffered from the same rodent-related issues.

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