When Will Your Class Action Lawsuit Reach a Settlement?

People who belong to a class in a pending class action lawsuit understandably will want to receive their portion of any winnings sooner than later. But how reasonable is it to expect a class action to conclude quickly? Will it actually be a while before seeing any money from a class action lawsuit, assuming that it ends in the plaintiffs’ favors? Since class actions usually involve many parties, complicated injuries or financial damages, and a large corporation as a defendant, they do tend to take more time to close than a typical personal injury claim.

The following three aspects could add significant time to the overall duration of a class action lawsuit:

  1. Multiple parties and plaintiffs: Many parties means there will be all the more people to converse with and consult to ensure all the claims are lining up and match the description of the class action. Discovering that a portion of the class members do not actually fit appropriately into the class action could jeopardize the entire case. Class action attorneys should not be rushed when identifying potential class members to minimize the chances of such a problem.
  2. Complex damages: The harm caused to class members in a class action lawsuit is often more intricate than expected, such as when a class action is created due to a data breach that leaked client data to the world. Researching the problem, pinpointing liability, and calculating a fair compensation amount takes time. Even if the class action regards something as straightforward as a defective product that has been hurting consumers in all the same way, it could be a while before the total of all damages is known with confidence.
  3. Powerful defendants: Filing any sort of complaint against a corporation or government agency, as is often the case in a class action, usually starts off as an uphill legal battle for plaintiffs. Big companies and organizations protect themselves with teams of attorneys at all times. If you want to break through their defenses, you need to work with a confident, experienced, and capable attorney of your own.

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