A Large Number of Vehicle Recalls Expected in 2015

There were an unprecedented number of vehicle recalls in 2014, prompting many experts to call it "The Year of the Recall." While the number of recalls in 2015 isn't expected to match the record 63.9 million vehicles recalled in 2014, a recent study presented at the Automotive Warranty and Recall Symposium predicts another above average year.

According to the study, the main reason for this continued increased number of vehicle recalls is that the federal government is becoming more effective at identifying vehicle issues that need to be fixed via recall. Overall, this is a good sign for the improvement of vehicle safety moving forward.

Based in the report, it's unlikely that we'll see another year where one or two large issues dominate the recalls. Last year, defective Takata airbags comprised nearly 30% of all recalls, while GM ignition switch defects accounted for 20% of recalls. Instead, it's expected that 2015 will see a larger number of recalls issued, but for smaller numbers of vehicles per recall.

The head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) mirrored the sentiments expressed by the report. "I think we could actually see an increase in the number of recalls. The reality is that means your system is working....I'd rather have people be preemptive than waiting too long and making a mistake, because you can't save those lives after they're gone."

The NHTSA received $126 million in fines and penalties from vehicle manufacturers in 2014. This figure is more than the total amount they've collected in all other years combined, providing further evidence that the NHTSA is cracking down on vehicle safety issues.

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