Use of Cheap Airbag Propellant may have Caused Takata Defects

The legal challenges that vehicle airbag manufacturer Takata is facing continue to get more complex. In an article recently published on the New York Times’ website entitled “Takata’s Switch to Cheaper Airbag Propellant Is at Center of Crisis,” it is revealed that former Takata engineers had concerns about using a “risky compound” in its airbag propellant. Yet the company produced the dangerous airbags anyway and installed them in millions of vehicles.

In 2001, Takata switched from a compound called tetrazole, which was known to be effective and reliable in airbags, to a formula called ammonium nitrate. However, it has been revealed that ammonium nitrate is sensitive to moisture and fluctuations in temperature. It also breaks down over time. When it breaks down, it can create a violent combustion.

Today, Takata airbags are being recalled because they can explode with a violent force if they are deployed during a car accident. The result of the explosion can cause metal debris to fly into the car’s cabin. If you or a loved one was injured as a result of a Takata airbag, the defective auto lawyers at Golomb Legalcan help.

The situation with Takata airbags is serious. In fact, there have been at least five deaths associated with the defective airbags. When people purchase vehicles that contain airbags, they assume this important safety feature will protect them if they are involved in a car accident. In the case of the recalled airbags manufactured by Takata, the company did not do everything possible to ensure its products were safe before allowing them to be installed in millions of vehicles. This is unacceptable, and our attorneys at Golomb Legalare committed to holding Takata accountable for their negligent and reckless actions.

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