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Golomb Legalis currently investigating cases for clients who used Tepezza as recommended for their Graves eye disease (GED) and subsequently lost their hearing or suffered from tinnitus. Recently uncovered information suggests that Horizon Pharmaceuticals (Horizon) knew about the risk of hearing loss caused by Tepezza but did nothing to warn doctors and patients. This lack of standard patient warnings could serve as the groundwork for product liability claims and mass torts filed against the Big Pharma company in pursuit of justice and compensation.

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Is Tepezza Dangerous?

A study of permanent side effects of Tepezza, which is administered by a healthcare professional through an intravenous infusion, discovered that the drug for GED and thyroid eye disease (TED) had concerning links to hearing loss and tinnitus.

According to the study:

  • 23% of Tepezza users reported new hearing loss or a noticeable worsening of pre-existing hearing loss.
  • 27% of Tepezza users reported suffering from tinnitus or a constant or near-constant ringing in the ears.

For some users, the hearing loss or tinnitus resolved itself after a few months once they stopped using Tepezza. For others, the hearing damage seemingly caused by the drug persists to this day. Overall, researchers warned that there could be a hearing loss risk for Tepezza users as high as 65%.

Why is Horizon Pharmaceuticals Liable?

The study that solidly linked Tepezza to hearing loss and tinnitus was conducted in 2021. However, clinical trials of the drug were conducted years prior and found at least a 10% risk of hearing loss. In other words, Horizon Pharmaceuticals knew that the drug could be putting at least one-in-ten users at risk of permanent or semi-permanent hearing loss yet did not put that warning on the label or in any information sent to doctors and the general public.

It is difficult to hold Big Pharma companies liable for the side effects of their products when those side effects are fairly disclosed. When that information is not shared, though, it makes it impossible for a user to give informed consent to the possible risks. Medical doctors also can’t make educated recommendations to their patients if they don’t know the full risks compared to the benefits of a drug.

By not providing this information to doctors and patients, Horizon acted negligently in its duties as a drug manufacturer, it can be argued in a claim. If a court agrees that the inaction amounts to negligence, then it could mean that plaintiffs are owed significant compensation for their sensory injuries, pain, and lessened enjoyment of life.

Can You File a Tepezza Lawsuit?

Not everyone with hearing loss and who used Tepezza will be eligible to file a Tepezza lawsuit. There must be a convincing link between hearing loss and the use of the drug for a Tepezza user to become an eligible plaintiff.

To see if you are eligible to file a Tepezza lawsuit, we will need information regarding:

  • When you used Tepezza and how often it was administered.
  • How your hearing was affected
  • If hearing loss or tinnitus was diagnosed.
  • What your doctor told you about Tepezza’s risks.

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Thousands of people across the U.S. have used Tepezza since it was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2020. As a result, the lawsuits forming against Horizon for Tepezza’s links to hearing loss will likely be handled through multidistrict litigation (MDL) as a mass tort. To make sure that your case is being handled correctly, choose a law firm that is highly familiar with the details and complications of cases that have affected such a large number of people.

Golomb Legalis considered one of the nation’s preeminent MDL and mass tort law firms, having recovered more than $2 billion in verdicts and settlements for our clients throughout the years. We have fought Big Pharma and major corporations before—and won.

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