Golomb Legal. Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Optavia for Illegal Auto Renewal Scheme

On behalf of two Class Representative Plaintiffs, Golomb Legal. recently filed a federal class action lawsuit in the Southern District of California against Optavia, LLC and its parent company, Medifast, on behalf of all weight loss packaged meals consumers who were enrolled in Optavia's automatic renewal plan in violation of California's Automatic Renewal Law, and other laws. The Plaintiffs are represented by the law firms Golomb Legaland Dovel and Luner, LLP.

The Complaint alleges that "Defendants use dark patterns to enroll consumers in an automatic renewal plan called 'Optavia Premier.'" Dark patterns are illegal tactics that companies employ to trick users by means of manipulative interface designs that obscure, subvert, or impair decision-making around buying choices. Defendants' use of dark patterns is all the more troubling because, as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has noted, people who are just trying to lose weight are one of the most vulnerable consumer groups. To prey on these consumers, as Defendants do, is as outrageous as it is illegal.

As the Complaint notes: "This class action seeks to put an end to Defendants' illegal auto-renewal practices and hold Medifast and Optavia accountable for the damages they have caused and continue to cause." [To view a copy of the Complaint, click here.]

This class action lawsuit is actively developing. Be sure to visit our blog frequently for important updates on this case and others that Golomb Legalis currently handling. For more information about our law firm and the types of cases we accept, please feel free to call (215) 278-4449 or submit an online contact form.