Does Your Street Insurance Cover You at the Track?

Like many driving enthusiasts, plaintiff Eric Suber enjoys track day. It is a thrill to take your own car onto a closed track and practice driving maneuvers learned from professional instructors, after all.

When Eric got into an accident at the track, though, he thought his insurance would cover it. He read his policy and was relieved to learn that it only excluded coverage for racing. Eric knew that what he was doing was not racing. Unfortunately, his insurance company, Liberty Mutual, thought differently. Liberty Mutual wrongfully denied his claim by insisting that High-Performance Driving Education (“HPDE”) is racing. Then, to make matters worse, Liberty Mutual refused to renew his policy.

But Eric Suber is fighting back. He recently filed a class action complaint against Liberty Mutual, alleging that he, and other class members, were wrongfully denied coverage for property damage occurring at HPDE events. Read a copy of the Complaint here.

It is plainly obvious that all auto insurance companies – not just Liberty Mutual – have known for decades that HPDE is not racing. Yet they still routinely deny HPDE accident claims by falsely asserting that this activity is a form of racing.

The law firm of Golomb Legal, P.C. is investigating this situation. If you got into an accident at an HPDE event and you were denied coverage, we would like to hear from you. Our class action attorneys are capable of assisting clients nationwide, so do not hesitate to contact us online or by dialing us directly at (215) 278-4449 and getting a FREE consultation.

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