Mercedes Benz Under Investigation for Emissions

While Volkswagen is still in the throes of their emissions cheating scandal, it appears another major automaker could be headed in the same direction. The DOJ is investigating Mercedes Benz Daimler for possible inconsistencies regarding their own certifications for diesel emissions. The Department of Justice ordered Mercedes Benz to instigate an internal investigation in order to review the process used for their automobile emissions. The investigation into Mercedes Benz began in February, following the filing of a class action lawsuit against the company.

Studies Regarding Emissions Standards

The lawsuit claims that all Mercedes BlueTec diesel models emit more nitrogen oxides when temperatures drop, as a result of a device which shuts off, allowing more emissions when temperatures reach 50 degrees or lower. Additional plaintiffs were added to the lawsuit in April of this year. The lawsuit referenced multiple studies on the Mercedes diesel vehicles in the months following Volkswagen’s issues which were conducted by independent and governmental organizations in other countries.

The results of the studies found that some of the Mercedes cars were polluting many times higher than the allowable standards. One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit conducted his own independent test. At the conclusion of the test, the plaintiff claimed his Mercedes was polluting at potentially 20 times the levels allowed by the EPA. The lawsuit further claims that the owners of the Mercedes vehicles in question were never told that “engine power and profits would be prioritized above people” when the temperatures dropped below 50 degrees. Daimler continues to deny that they have installed any type of “cheat” software in their vehicles.

Earth Friendly or Harmful to the Environment?

The BlueTec vehicles sold by Mercedes Benz were advertised as being “earth friendly.” Consumers were told that diesel engines are much less harmful to the environment; however, in light of the illegal levels of emissions when the cars are driven at lower temperatures, the environmental claims seem a bit overinflated. The Mercedes Benz lawsuit is seeking a recall of the affected models as well as a replacement program and compensation for owners of fourteen different Mercedes models. According to Reuters, Mercedes Benz has hired the auditing firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu to conduct an investigation on behalf of the company. Daimler shares had tumbled five percent by the end of April, as it appears the emissions scandal may truly have no end.

More Automakers Potentially Implicated

The continuing emissions saga has widened even beyond Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz to include Fiat as well. A German government investigation suggests some Fiat models revealed unusual concentrations of emissions when the test exceeded the 22-minute mark. Emissions tests typically run for about 20 minutes, begging the question as to whether some type of “cheat” software or other technical device was used to unnaturally lower the emissions. The Federal Motor Transport Authority revealed that the emissions system on a tested Fiat model was throttled back” mere minutes after the emissions test was completed. This would result in unrealistic readings for emissions levels, particularly for Nitrogen Oxide.

In Germany, the KBA has insisted that auto manufacturers cease taking advantage of what is known as the “thermal window” in the official emission test which permits car manufacturers to test their automobiles at unrealistically high temperatures. Apparently this loophole may have been used by Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi. Japan’s Mitsubishi automaker admitted to misrepresenting the fuel economy data of its vehicles for the last quarter century, and in Britain, the transport minister came under fire for failing to say whether British motorists who owned affected VW automobiles would be permitted to compensation.

National Mercedes Benz Class Action Lawyers

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