VW Cheated on Audi and Porsche Diesel SUVs Too

As if Volkswagen were not in enough hot water, the VW emissions scandal has expanded, and now encompasses a group of more expensive vehicles with larger diesel engines. Audi and Porsche SUVs and luxury cars are included in the new group of affected VW vehicles. The EPA recently accused VW of installing “cheat” software on more than 482,000 diesel cars with a two-liter diesel engine, and is now including at least 10,000 SUVs and luxury cars with a three-liter diesel engine. Because of the added vehicles, the EPA has issued a second violation in addition to the one received by Volkswagen in September.

Is Volkswagen Taking Responsibility?

Regarding this new round of affected vehicles, VW denies installing any software in the diesel SUVs and luxury vehicles which would alter emissions testing. Assistant Administrator for the EPA Enforcement and Compliance Assurance office, Cynthia Giles, says there is clear evidence of the violations. Some will remember Volkswagen made similar denials for over a year regarding the first round of affected vehicles before they finally admitted to cheating.

How Many Vehicles are Affected?

There are 11 million affected diesel VW vehicles worldwide, and now nearly 500,000 in the United States. Vehicles included in the newest VW violation notification include the three-liter version of the diesel 2014 Volkswagen Touareg, the 2015 Porsche Cayenne and the 2016 Audi Q5, A6 Quattro, A7Quattro, A8 and A8L. The additional 10,000 vehicles could cost Volkswagen more than $375 million in penalties under the Clean Air Act in addition to the estimated $18 billion from the initial round of violations on the smaller Volkswagen diesels. So far, the manufacturers of other diesel vehicles in the United States have not been implicated in any similar type of software cheats.

The Problem with the VW Diesels

The EPA alleges the vehicles in question are fitted with a “defeat device,” which is activated during federal emissions tests to manipulate the results. At only one second following the completion of an emissions test, the vehicles go back into their normal mode of operation, emitting nitrogen oxides at extremely high levels—from ten to forty times those allowed under U.S. standards. The newest batch of vehicles implicated in the VW scandal are apparently emitting nitrogen oxides at the rate of nine times that allowed under U.S. standards. Congress is apparently outraged over the initial allegations as well as this latest round of potentially involved vehicles, claiming this level of deception on the part of an auto manufacturer erodes America’s trust.

Will VW Buy Back Affected Vehicles?

Although automakers are permitted to use some forms of software which optimize engine performance, using software to sidestep emissions controls is prohibited. Many now believe Volkswagen will be forced to compensate owners of diesel vehicles equipped with the emissions-rigging software, possibly even having to buy back the cars. In the short period of time since VW’s deception became public, the average VW has lost $2,100 in value based on results of resales at auto auctions. There have already been more than 350 lawsuits filed.

Getting the Legal Help You Need

The “fix” for the affected diesels could be a year or more down the road, and many VW diesel owners simply don’t want to wait that long, particularly since the cars can’t be driven legally under California’s pollution standards. Owners of the VW diesels also point to the fact that any type of “fix” will also greatly reduce their mpg as well as the power of their vehicle, therefore the vehicle they ended up with is not the one they purchased. While Volkswagen is not commenting, it is likely customers with the affected vehicles will be “paid off,” simply to avoid keeping the scandal in the news, further damaging Volkswagen’s reputation. If you have been affected by the Volkswagen diesel scandal, it could be very beneficial for you to contact an experienced product liability attorney at the earliest possible opportunity.

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