Volkswagen CEO: Fix for Car Affected by the Scandal in the Works

You may recall from our previous blog that Volkswagen has been in hot water after a number of their car models were found to contain software that helped them cheat through emissions testing. In the wake of the scandal, the company is now undertaking serious damage-control measures to try and salvage their brand’s name and find a solution to the problem, which currently affects more than 11 million vehicles worldwide.

As part of Volkswagen’s response to this massive scandal, company CEO Matthias Müller said this week that a fix for affected vehicles will soon be released. The company has signed off on a software update to fix all 2-liter diesel motors, and a separate fix is in the works for all 1.6-liter vehicles, which will also include changing a grill and an air filter cartridge. The technical details of the fix will be delivered to German regulators no later than the end of this month.

According to Müller, most of the affected vehicles will not require major work, and that the cost of retrofitting is financially, technically, and physically manageable for the company.

Now, two months after news of the scandal originally broke, Volkswagen’s European market shares have dropped by more than 25 percent. However, premium brands Porsche and Audi have actually risen despite news that these models were affected by the faulty software as well.

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