Golomb Legal Settles Delivery Driver Tip Theft Case

Our attorneys of Golomb Legal have recently settled a tip theft case for Uber Eats and former Postmates drivers against a national food retailer. Due to the confidentiality of the settlement, we will keep the defendant's company anonymous.

According to our clients, who were Uber Eats and former Postmates drivers, the food retailer would fail to provide drivers with tips when tips were included in an order placed through the app. If you have used a third-party delivery service to order food or groceries, which became increasingly common due to pandemic lockdowns, then you likely assumed that any tip you placed through the app was going directly and in full to the driver. However, in this case, the tips were being kept by the food retailer and were never provided to the drivers.

We were able to negotiate a fair settlement with the food retailer to compensate the drivers based on the tips that they earned and should have rightfully received. This settlement kept the case from going through difficult and time-consuming litigation, which placed compensation in our clients’ hands sooner than later.

Drivers Wanted - Similar Lawsuits Are Forming

The case that we settled against the nationwide food retailer appears to be among the first of many like it. The Washington D.C. Attorney General has recently filed against Amazon for essentially the same issue. Currently, Golomb Legal is investigating the case against Amazon to compare similarities and to possibly lend our experience to future drivers who want to also file against the retail giant and other retail food and grocery suppliers that use third-party delivery services and their drivers without adequately and completely providing the tips designated for them.

Were your tips taken by a large restaurant chain, nationwide retailer, or a food delivery company? Golomb Legal wants to hear from you. Using our experience and knowledge, including what we have gained from our recent victories on behalf of Uber Eats drivers, we can confidently help you with your similar case, too. Call (215) 278-4449 to schedule a free consultation.