Johnson & Johnson to Stop Selling Talcum Baby Powder Globally

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has recently announced it will stop selling its talcum baby powder product around the globe at some point in 2023. The product will not be available in any markets and will instead be replaced by a cornstarch product that is known to be much safer. In fact, the cornstarch product has already been sold primarily in several countries.

The decision to stop selling the talcum-based baby powder product occurred while J&J is still embroiled in tens of thousands of legal cases brought forth by women who claim the product was the leading cause of their ovarian cancer diagnoses. Many have alleged that asbestos contamination in the talc powder caused their mesothelioma diagnoses in other lawsuits and class actions against the corporate giant. In what can be seen as a preliminary defense for itself, the company said that the decision to stop selling the talc powder entirely was a “commercial decision,” not necessarily one that considered the health risk implications of the product.

To this day, J&J still won’t acknowledge that the talc baby powder causes any cancer risks, despite mounting evidence that says otherwise. It refused to put a warning label on the product as other brands have done because it says that it is unnecessary.

Further J&J Negligence

The announcement to pull its talcum powder products off all shelves around the world has brought more heat upon J&J from critics because of the large delay in action. If the company already had a suitable cornstarch-based alternative with no links to cancer, then why did it take so long to make it the new flagship product? The slowness to react and replace the product with an existing safer one could be seen as yet another form of corporate negligence that makes J&J liable for the widespread harm its products have allegedly caused.

Legal Help for J&J Talc Powder Lawsuits

Were you diagnosed with ovarian cancer, mesothelioma, or another serious illness after months or years of using J&J talcum baby powder? You might be one of the thousands of eligible plaintiffs who can still bring a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for negligence and unsafe product design.

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