Dry Shampoo with Benzene Linked to Cancer, Class Action Lawsuits Proposed

Numerous brands of dry shampoo with benzene have been linked to various forms of cancer, prompting a call for consumer class action lawsuits. It is believed that most of the brands in question were contaminated with benzene through a manufacturing error. Countless consumers could be owed significant compensation due to the negligence of these manufacturers.

At this time, several major manufacturers have been implicated in benzene-dry shampoo accusations and investigations. Among these companies, numerous dry shampoo brands have either been recalled or labeled unsafe for use by consumer safety groups pending the results of the investigations and litigation.

Brands that have been implicated or investigated so far include:

  • Dove
  • Pantene
  • Nexxus
  • Suave
  • Aussie
  • Herbal Essences
  • TRESemmé
  • Bed Head
  • Rockaholic
  • Old Spice
  • Not Your Mother’s

Legal action has been taken in Florida federal court against Not Your Mother’s brand for its dry shampoo. According to a forming class action against the brand, the company’s dry shampoo products were either adulterated or contaminated by benzene. The plaintiff class is seeking a jury trial to seek damages for compensatory, statutory, and punitive damages.

Unilever has also been met with a proposed class action for the same reasons. The lawsuit cites an investigation by an independent laboratory, Valisure, that stated more than 20 of the company’s dry shampoo brands had been contaminated by benzene. It is possible that more class action lawsuits will soon follow against the other brands and manufacturers using the same justifications.

How Dangerous is Benzene?

Benzene is a known carcinogen or cancer-causing agent, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Repeated or heavy exposure to the chemical has been linked to a higher risk of certain cancers, typically blood cancers.

Cancers linked to benzene exposure include:

  • Leukemia
  • Aplastic anemia
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Dry shampoos work by coating the hair in an aerosol form. When left on the hair for hours, the product absorbs grease and dirt. However, leaving the dry shampoo on hair for so long allows benzene in the product to soak into the scalp, which is believed to be how the products can dramatically increase the risk of blood cancers.

Have Dry Shampoos Been Recalled?

Procter & Gamble announced a large-scale recall of several of its dry shampoo products last year after Valisure uncovered the high levels of benzene in them. Unilever only recently launched its own recall following pressure from consumer safety groups. Despite these recalls, many dry shampoos are still on the market for sale and use, including Not Your Mother’s brand dry shampoo, which has been named in a class action lawsuit.

If you have a dry shampoo product from any brand, it is advised that you stop using it. Contact the manufacturer to learn if it has been linked to benzene contamination and cancer risks.

Who Can Help with a Dry Shampoo Lawsuit?

If the dry shampoo that use has been linked to a higher risk of cancer due to benzene contamination, and you were diagnosed with one such cancer, then there could be a direct connection. Call (215) 278-4449 to talk to a member of Golomb Legal., a class action law firm with a nationwide presence and reputation. Our dry shampoo lawsuit attorneys can help you explore your legal options and see if you can join a class action, no matter where you live.