Subway Sued Again Over Its Tuna

Subway is a multinational sandwich chain that pretty much everyone recognizes. Despite its popularity, it isn’t without its controversies. In recent years, Subway has been accused of misleading its consumers by selling bread that allegedly “isn’t bread” and by selling tuna that allegedly isn’t purely tuna fish meat.

Recently, Subway has been slapped with another lawsuit about its tuna. According to research from an independent lab, tuna was not the only meat identified in the tuna fish that is scooped onto sandwiches. Reportedly, beef, chicken, and pork were also identified when examining the available DNA data in 20 samples.

The alleged contamination in the tuna meat was found to be:

  • Chicken: 20 out of 20 samples
  • Pork: 11 out of 20 samples
  • Beef: 7 out of 20 samples

In light of this recent report, a class action has been proposed against Subway for misleading its consumers and potentially causing widespread cultural harm. Many people will not eat certain meats due to religious and dietary reasons. The lawsuit alleges that countless people might have inadvertently consumed meat they were intentionally trying to avoid because the tuna was mislabeled. It is seeking damages for fraud and California consumer protection law violations but in an unspecified amount.

Subway has been adamant in the defense of its tuna the entire time. It recently updated its menu but made no change to the tuna because it said no change was needed. When previous tuna-related lawsuits cropped up, the company argued that DNA sampling from cooked, processed, packed, and stored meat would be extremely inaccurate, which seems to be chemically true. The sandwichery has given no indication that it would attempt to settle the forming class action, so, if the case holds up, it is practically destined for litigation.

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