Optavia’s Unlawful Auto-Renewal Practices

Were you enrolled in an Optavia® Premier membership after you purchased an Optavia product or kit? Did your credit card, debit card, or another form of payment incur auto-renewal charges after your purchase of an Optavia product or kit? Are you sure you never approved of an auto-renewal of your membership and that Optavia never made it clear that there would be an auto-renewal? You are not alone.

Optavia, a health and weight-loss brand from Medifast, Inc., specializes in the sale of meal replacement products that the company calls “fuelings.” The company is now facing scrutiny and potential legal action for how it sells its products.

When a consumer purchases practically any Optavia product from their website, such as a $450 meal plan kit or one bag of popcorn, Optavia automatically enrolls the consumer in their “Optavia Premier” program. This program automatically renews their membership and automatically purchases the same product on a monthly basis. In doing so, Optavia fails to provide the required disclosures at the point of purchase and fails to obtain the proper authorizations from the consumer under the laws of California.

Can You Sue Optavia for Unfair Business Practices?

The national consumer class action attorneys at Golomb Legalare actively investigating claims on behalf of California residents who may have been unlawfully enrolled in Optavia’s automatically renewed “Optavia Premier” membership program. If you were an Optavia Premier member and incurred auto-renewal charges, we would like to hear from you. The more people we hear from when working on these cases, the stronger a case we can bring against Optavia, so please reach out with any questions you have. We might even be able to form a powerful consumer class action against the weight loss company.

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