Split Rock/Bel Air Timeshare Lawsuits for Inappropriate Real Estate Taxes

Did you purchase a timeshare membership interest from Split Rock, Bell Air Collection Resorts & Spas, and ThyCollection, including the Willowbrook at Lake Harmony resort? Were you charged a 2% Pennsylvania real estate Transfer Tax even though you were not sold any real estate ownership interest? If so, you might have grounds to take legal action.

The Purchase & Security Agreement for the Timeshare Membership Program notes that the interest is a “form of ‘right to use’ timeshare interest.” Furthermore, it says that “you will not receive a deed to any interest in real property.” This language confirms that no real estate interest is conveyed. Nevertheless, many people were given a Purchase & Security Agreement that also included a 2% Pennsylvania real estate Transfer Tax as if they had been given a deed.

If you were charged a 2% Pennsylvania real estate Transfer Tax as part of your Purchase & Security Agreement for a Timeshare Membership, then you might be entitled to compensation. Golomb Legalis currently looking into the situation and hearing from clients in situations much like yours. Our class action timeshare real estate tax attorneys are capable of assisting clients nationwide, so don’t hesitate to contact us by dialing (215) 278-4449 and getting a FREE consultation.