September’s Safety Month Topics

It always pays well to think about safety in your day-to-day life. The National Safety Council (NSC) has long helped people across the nation do just that through its monthly safety awareness campaigns. At Golomb Legal., we want everyone in our communities to be safe, sound, and up-to-speed about any safety suggestions that could apply to them, so we wanted to take a moment to share the September NSC Safety Month here.

Special safety campaigns from the NSC in September include:

  • National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month: Millions of Americans struggle with substance abuse disorders. September is dedicated to helping them remember that they aren’t alone and that there are options out there to seek help, regardless of an individual’s economic situation. For more information, you can visit
  • National Preparedness Month: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security invites you and your family to learn and review ways to prepare for a natural disaster or any other type of crisis. By visiting, you can access a variety of resources that can help you get through almost anything life throws at you.
  • National Food Safety Education Month: If you’ve ever had food poisoning from a restaurant that didn’t follow enough quality control procedures in the kitchen, then you already know how important National Food Safety Education Months really is. At, you can learn valuable food safety procedures and guidelines either as a diner or someone who works in the food industry.
  • Sports Eye Safety Month: Whether you are playing sports around the house or professionally, eye safety must be a top priority. Prevent Blindness America uses September to host its Sports Eye Safety Month each year. Visit for more information.
  • Concussion Awareness Day: On September 17th, the Brain Injury Association of America hosts Concussion Awareness Day. No matter your line of work or what you do in your daily life, being mindful about concussions and general brain and head safety is something you will never regret. Head to to learn more.
  • National Farm Safety and Health Week: Farm and agricultural work are tough industries, but that doesn’t mean that safety should be overlooked. The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety asks anyone related to farming industries to think more about safety than usual during the week of September 19th to the 25th. If you would like to learn more, then please follow this link:
If you’re ever in an accident that you think was caused by someone else ignoring basic safety precautions or just common knowledge, then Golomb Legal. would like to hear from you. We work on high-stakes personal injury cases for clients in Philadelphia, and we are also reputable class action lawsuit attorneys who can assist clients nationwide. Contact us now to arrange a free consultation about your case or accident.