Thanksgiving & Black Friday Safety Tips from the CDC

The coronavirus pandemic is not only continuing but it is also worsening in many parts of America as winter draws nearer. Thanksgiving and a shopper’s favorite holiday – Black Friday – are going to look much different in 2020 as a result. Yet you can still find ways to celebrate and participate this year with the right safety precautions, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Thanksgiving 2020 Safety Guidelines

As a general safety rule, the CDC is recommending that everyone celebrate Thanksgiving as minimally as possible, which means only celebrating with people who are already in your household. Even adding just one family member from another household to your dinner will increase the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Remember that COVID-19 symptoms can be so minimal in some people that they are practically unnoticeable, making that person asymptomatic yet still contagious.

On top of that overarching recommendation, the CDC suggests:

  • Virtual dinner guests: You can easily get everyone in your extended family involved in Thanksgiving celebrations by using teleconferencing apps at the dinner table. You can set up a tablet, phone, or laptop at the table and have everyone remotely attend but still feel like they were there. This system makes it simple for family and friends who are even states away to come to Thanksgiving safely. Plus, if some family bickering breaks out, you can just close the chatroom!
  • No public transportation: In case a family member is visiting from outside your isolation group, they should not use any public transportation to reach you as long as it can be avoided. Airplanes, buses, and trains are hubs for people and the virus. If they can visit by driving themselves in their own car, then everyone will be all the safer for it.
  • Outdoor dining: If you have an outdoor space on your property and the weather is not inclement on Thanksgiving, then you should use it to host the dinner. An open-air environment allows the wind to carry contaminated air up and away from everyone, where the air dissipates so much that any trace of the virus is too minuscule to be overtly dangerous. On the other hand, being indoors with someone who is sick greatly increases the chances of sharing the same breaths of contaminated air.
  • Masks and distancing: Do not forget to follow the constant coronavirus safety guidelines of wearing a mask and keeping at least six feet apart from other people while you celebrate Thanksgiving. Your mask should be easy to take on and off, so you can wear it in between bites of food.

Black Friday 2020 Safety Guidelines

No shopping day of the year is busier than Black Friday. Each year, there are plenty of stories about massive lines outside of stores to find the best deal on electronics, clothes, appliances, and other fun gifts. But all of the excitement of a great deal this Black Friday has been counteracted by the risk of catching the coronavirus from another shopper.

The CDC is recommending that you complete all your Black Friday shopping online to stay as safe as you can be. Going to a store and into a crowd of people is incredibly risky right now, and retailers know it. In many cities, major retailers are choosing to remain closed on Black Friday to discourage large gatherings. Others are offering shoppers extra discounts if they buy items online or arrange for a curbside pickup service.

Basically, the only way to stay safe while Black Friday shopping is to stay home and handle all your purchases online.

All of us from Golomb Legalin Philadelphia wish you have the best and safest Thanksgiving this year. If you want to know more about coronavirus safety guidelines from the CDC, visit the organization’s official website.