Johnson & Johnson Lose Another Talc Powder Case, Ordered to Pay $9M

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has lost another talc powder lawsuit after a Florida jury ordered the corporate giant to pay $9 million to an elderly plaintiff. Like many of the other talc powder cases, the plaintiff alleged asbestos in the company’s baby powder products caused her development of mesothelioma, a rare lung cancer known to be caused by inhaling microscopic amounts of asbestos. J&J has allegedly concealed information that suggests the trace amounts of asbestos in their talc powder products could be enough to be carcinogenic or cancer-causing.

While the $9 million verdict is a win for the plaintiff in this case, it is also another encouraging step for all pending cases and potential future plaintiffs. Earlier in 2020, a New Jersey jury ordered the company to pay $750 million to four plaintiffs, but that amount was reduced to $186.5 million later by a judge. The visible trend forming is that talc powder cancer lawsuits are viable, but judges are hesitant to allow extremely high payouts.

Interestingly, J&J also recently settled a claim from a Manhattan woman. The 62-year-old said her frequent and lifelong use of the baby powder product caused her to suffer an asbestos-related cancer. The details of her claim remain confidential because the case was settled before it went to trial, but it is assumed she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This case is of particular note since it shows that J&J is actively trying to avoid trials, perhaps out of fear that it will only continue to lose when a jury makes the decision.

J&J Continues to Deny Any Liability

To no surprise, Johnson & Johnson has already announced it will appeal the Florida woman’s courtroom victory. The company has never conceded that its products are dangerous or that it has any liability in any of the cases. Plaintiffs have pointed multiple times to internal J&J information that suggested asbestos was tainting their talc powder products, with some of the earliest correspondences dating back to the 60s. However, the defendant company has repeatedly contended that none of its products are tainted with detectable amounts of asbestos.

Thus, all cases Johnson & Johnson has lost have been appealed. With more than 15,000 other mesothelioma and ovarian cancer lawsuits still waiting to be heard, it can be assumed that J&J is feeling the pressure to clear up its reputation and start winning lawsuits if it can. A recent article from Bloomberg – which you can read in full by clicking here – announced their Bloomberg Intelligence group estimates J&J could lose up to $10 billion due to the lawsuits. The financial hit is expected to be caused more by reputation and sales loss than from case payouts.

Golomb Legal Takes the Fight to J&J

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