Infant Rocking Sleepers Continue to Be Recalled Due to Dangers

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has led to the recall of millions of infant rocking sleeper products in the last 12 months. The Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper product was at the center of the recall, with 4.7 million units recalled worldwide. Regardless of make or brand, each infant rocking sleeper product can pose a significant infant suffocation risk if a baby rolls over a certain way or topples the sleeper.

In continuation of the infant rocking sleeper recall, four more companies were recently added to the recall list: Graco, Evenflo, Summer Infant, and Delta Enterprise Corp. Together, the four companies recalled more than 160,000 infant rocking sleeper products.

Parents should be aware of the following new infant sleeper product recalls:

Why are Infant Rocking Sleepers Recalled?

Infant rocking sleepers from various manufacturers are advertised as creating a safe, comfortable environment for an infant while they sleep. They are designed to rock the infant gently, either due to the child’s own movements or a form of automation. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warns that the products place a child in a sleeping environment opposite what is widely considered safe.

The AAP says babies should sleep on their backs, on a flat surface, with no restraints, and with no soft materials near them. Infant rocking sleepers put babies on an incline, often with a restraint system and padding around them. An infant who moves around in the sleeper can suffocate themselves. To date, the CPSC has linked more than 70 infant deaths to the seemingly perilous design of infant rocking sleepers.

What Parents Can Do

If you are using an infant rocking sleeper, you should discontinue any use of it immediately. Visit the official CPSC website — — and use the search function to see if your infant rocking sleeper product has been recalled. Even if your product is not flagged for recall on the CPSC website, you may want to discontinue use of it entirely anyway, as the AAP warns all similar products are likely highly dangerous.

If your child was injured or passed away due to a defectively designed infant rocking sleeper, you can seek justice for them through a product liability lawsuit against the company that made the sleeper product. Holding negligent product manufacturers accountable for their wrongdoing may not only provide you with a sense of closure, but it also helps protect others from experiencing the same trauma.

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