JUUL Faces Further Accusations of Teen-Targeting Marketing Tactics

JUUL, the e-cigarette company that is notorious for its marketing strategies that were directed to young people, is involved in another lawsuit based on claims that they advertised on websites that are mostly used by children.

NBC News reported on the latest allegations against the vape business. JUUL is being accused of running advertisements on websites that are almost exclusively used by people who are not old enough to smoke, such as Cartoon Network, Seventeen magazine, “coolmath-games,” and “socialstudiesforkids.”

The e-cigarette manufacturer failed to prohibit their advertisements from appearing on kids’ websites, an option that was available to them when crafting their marketing strategy. They reportedly denied a marketing firm’s original proposal in favor of “a strategy meant to ‘win with the cool crowd in critical markets,’ choosing to promote ‘fashionable young people, frequently in a sexually provocative context,’ according to NBC News.

The lawsuit is being filed by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey through the Suffolk County Superior Court in Boston. Through the suit, the Attorney General aims to recover compensation for those harmed by JUUL’s negligent marketing and to cover the public costs of managing widespread nicotine addiction and injuries.

The E-Cigarette Industry’s History of Advertising to Young People

JUUL is well-known for its popularity among underaged smokers, including children as young as middle school age. Beyond their marketing strategies, the company also appears to target young people through the development of their products — their flavored pods and sleek vaping devices are attractive to kids and teens. Due to this attraction, nicotine use has soared among the demographic.

JUUL has repeatedly denied allegations that their advertisements intentionally target underaged people, and has said that their focus on young smokers was meant to be aimed at people in their 20s and 30s. They have also expressed regret over some of the advertisements in question. Recently, the company has focused on repairing its tarnished brand image. Despite their alleged efforts and multiple apologies, JUUL continues to face criticism and legal action based on their history of questionable advertisements.

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