Patients & Doctors Warned Ranitidine Medicines May Contain NDMA

In a recently issued press release, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned patients and doctors that NDMA might be in medications containing Ranitidine in detectable amounts. Ranitidine is used to curb stomach acid production, and is sold commonly under the brand name Zantac. NDMA is a suspected carcinogen, or cancer-causing substance.

The FDA has issued recall suggestions for medications containing NDMA in the past. The move has come as a precaution as the extent of harm NDMA can cause is still being researched and understood.

According to the FDA, the agency is already partnering with pharmaceutical companies to try to find the source of the NDMA in Ranitidine medicines like Zantac. At this time, no recall has been ordered by the FDA. Patients and medical providers should move forward with caution when using such medicine, though. If you regularly take Zantac or another H2 blocker, you should contact your doctor to see if they recommend discontinuing the medicine’s use.

Ranitidine Lawsuit Attorneys

Golomb Legalis currently keeping tabs on the FDA’s research into Ranitidine to see if a more concrete conclusion is reached. We are also opening our doors to anyone who has experienced concerning health consequences or who has been diagnosed with a form of cancer after beginning a Ranitidine prescription.  It is possible a link exists between Ranitidine use and the health concerns. If it does, the pharmaceutical company manufacturing your medicine should be held accountable.

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