Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Controversy May Be Investigated by Department of Justice

Johnson & Johnson could be the subject of a future federal investigation based on allegations that its talcum powder products contain asbestos.

The market-dominant beauty and home product corporation has been the subject of ongoing legal action, as several plaintiffs across the country have cited J&J talcum powders as a factor in cancer development. The legal scrutiny of Johnson & Johnson focuses on whether or not their talcum powders contain carcinogenic asbestos; and, more importantly, whether or not the company knew about the potential cancer risks. The question of Johnson & Johnson’s liability will likely be the topic of federal investigation.

Previously, information from Johnson & Johnson was solicited by the Department of Justice (DOJ), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and United States Senator Patty Murray of Washington. A criminal investigation into the accusations has not been officially announced by federal authorities, but is allegedly in the works, says Bloomberg. Their report states that a grand jury is analyzing evidence.

Talcum powder (or baby powder) is used for a number of purposes, one of them being feminine hygiene. Plaintiffs allege that powder particles that enter the body can cause ovarian cancer. Inhalation of asbestos in talcum powder is another potential risk. Individuals who developed cancer after years of using Johnson & Johnson talcum powders have sued the company, with some suits resulting in multi-million-dollar verdicts.

Although the federal investigation is still pending, the civil action unveiled internal communication within Johnson & Johnson suggesting the company had knowledge of the cancer risk since the 1960s. The company memos warned of the presence of asbestos in their talcum powder, and its potential danger to consumers.

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