Is Hands-Free Talking While Driving Illegal in Pennsylvania?

Texting While Driving Can Get Expensive

Pennsylvania traffic laws have strict no-texting statutes that will send you straight to court, if you’re caught texting while driving. Even if you are merely reading a text from someone else, this is a crime punishable by law. If convicted of engaging in text-based communication while driving, you can be convicted and fined up to $50 dollars per offense. (And don’t forget about court fees!)

What if I Am Not Texting? Can I Talk While Driving?

Currently, there is no law against hands-free talking while driving in the state of Pennsylvania. However, the real question should be, “Is it safe?”

Many motorists treat driving as a passive activity, though, in reality, it is anything but. In order to drive safely, you must be fully engaged, paying attention to drivers ahead of you, behind you, and in the lines around you, as well as watching the roadway for any animals, pedestrians, sudden changes in terrain, and other safety hazards.

When you are mentally participating in a conversation over the phone, you some of your focus is taken away from the task at hand, which is safely travelling from Point A to Point B. Though hands-free talking while driving is not necessarily illegal in Pennsylvania, it is strongly discouraged for drivers who wish to avoid preventable accidents.

I Was Hit By Someone Who Was Talking While Driving. What Can I Do?

If you were injured by a motorist who was talking on the phone at the time of the accident, you may be able to hold them liable for the resulting damages. Their negligence and choice to engage in unsafe roadway behavior may cause the court to see them as liable for the costs of your injury. Should your injury-related costs put you out of work or create medical expenses totaling more than a few hundred dollars, a personal injury suit may be your best means of recovering the compensation you need.

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