How to Talk to Police After a Car Accident

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Should I Talk to Police After My Car Accident?

Yes. Do not refuse to cooperate with law enforcement when they come to the scene of your car accident. However, don’t say everything that pops into your head, either. The official police report filed after your accident will be vital to the success of your case – and it will also contain a detailed record of your interaction with law enforcement, including every claim and comment you make.

One of the officer’s primary duties at the scene of the accident is to interview you and the other driver to try to determine what happened. You are not necessarily required to perform an interview or provide anything more than your driver’s license, insurance information, vehicle registration, etc. However, if you do not, you will be ticketed. (You can, however, fight it later.)

If you choose to talk with the officer involved, you must proceed with extreme caution. Avoid any implication of fault on your part and do not say anything that would lead the officer to believe that the accident was even partially your fault. This doesn’t mean you need to point the finger and outright blame the other driver, but you should definitely steer clear of making it sound like you did anything that would have caused it. (Again, everything you say will be contained in the police report.)

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