Can I File a Class Action Against My Doctor or Hospital?

We Can Find Out if You Have a Class Action Against a Hospital or Physician

Perhaps you have a serious complaint about the practices of a physician or hospital. If so, you may be able to bring a medical malpractice suit and win a settlement relative to the damage you’ve experienced. However, if other people have suffered similar damage at the hands of a doctor or hospital, you may also be able to play a crucial role in holding them responsible for their harmful practices. If you are currently suffering physically or financially due to the practices of a medical facility or physician, call Golomb Legal, P.C. immediately.

How to Find Out if Your Doctor or Hospital Has Medical Malpractice Claims

In order to file a class action against your doctor or hospital in Philadelphia, you’ll need to find out if other people have filed complaints or medical malpractice suits against them. There are a few resources at your disposal that will help you find out:

  • DocInfo: This is a databank created by the Federation of State Medical Boards in order to keep a record of all punitive measures taken against doctors. You can search for your doctor’s name and
  • Pennsylvania Board of Medicine: By contacting the state’s Board of Medicine, you can access information about any disciplinary measures taken against your doctor or hospital. You can contact them via mail, email, phone, or by going in person.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Health: This one is particularly useful if you have a complaint against a hospital or other government-funded health facility.

These are not the only avenues for finding information about additional complaints. An experienced consumer litigation attorney will be able to help you utilize all your options when trying to find out if a class action against your doctor or healthcare facility would be possible or viable.

Our Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorneys Have Recovered Hundreds of Millions in Damages for Clients

Even if you are unsure whether your complaint against a hospital or physician has the potential to become a class action lawsuit, your individual case merits special attention and a concerted effort from our Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers. We know how quickly medical expenses and personal costs can stack up when you have been injured or harmed, so we recommend that you get in touch with a member of our legal team at as soon as possible in order to build your best case.

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