Class Action Lawsuits: Getting Your Class Certified

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A class action is a lawsuit in which multiple people with similar grievances against an individual, company, or organization. Class actions are distinct from individual lawsuits in that they require multiple parties to come forward and take action.

Can I Start a Class Action Lawsuit by Myself?

If you have been a victim of abusive, deceptive, or otherwise harmful practices, you can file a class action lawsuit without assembling a group of fellow victims. There must only be reason to believe that other people have suffered harm from the same source. However, in order for your case to proceed and accomplish its purpose, other people must join your class action and your class must be certified.

What You Need to Get Your Class Certified

In order to have your class certified, the following must be true:

  • The other people included in the suit have suffered similarly or as a result of the same abuse, oversight, or other poor business practice.
  • The class is not overly broad and can be clearly delineated in order to determine exactly who is a member.
  • There are at least 20 members in the class (preferably more).
  • A class action is the most adequate method of resolving the conflict, for either party.

Keep in mind that all of the above may be true, but a judge could still decline to certify your class.

How Can a Class Action Lawyer Help?

Sometimes certification also involves proactively filing a motion with the court, in which case you will need an experienced class action attorney to help you file properly and increase your chances of success. In other instances, the court will begin the process of class certification on its own. In either case, the process of class certification is something you will not be able to do without the help of an experienced legal profession, no matter how many people have agreed to file with you in your case.

Class action lawsuits are also more challenging and complex than individual lawsuits. However, if your class is certified and your case moves forward, your case may have a greater likelihood of success than if you were to file a lawsuit of your own.

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