Class Action Against L.L. Bean for Return Policy Changes

L.L. Bean has announced it will no longer allow customers to return used items after one year or without proof of purchase.

Since it began in 1912, L.L. Bean has attracted many consumers on promises of virtually unlimited returns. Its return policy has generated a lot of business for the company but, in the last 5 years, it has cost the company roughly $250 million, which is more than the company’s annual revenue from their signature Duck Boot. In the past few years, the company has reportedly reimbursed consumers for returned items that have been heavily used, worn out, and useless, resulting in significant financial loss for the company.

Consumer Victor Bondi files a class action lawsuit against L.L. Bean, alleging that the return policy change harms consumers.

Some regular customers, such as Victor Bondi of Illinois, claim that the return policy change will actually cause harm to consumers. Bondi’s lawsuit against the company states, “[L.L. Bean] has garnered substantial goodwill and brand awareness because of its generous, unchanging, no conditions, no-end-date warranty. L.L. Bean has worked hard to inform customers of its warranty for many years and has enjoyed substantial revenues because of it.”

L.L. Bean’s spokesperson, Carolyn Beem, has clarified that the retailer will continue to apply its former return policy to purchases made before the change was announced on February 9, 2018. However, for consumers like Bondi, this is not good enough. The future of the suit remains to be seen.

What to Do if You’ve Been Harmed by Unfair Business Practices in Philadelphia

While it is unclear whether there is merit to Bondi’s case against L.L. Bean, we know it is not uncommon for businesses to engage in unfair practices that legitimately harm consumers, such as false advertising, selling faulty products, stealing private information, and more. In many cases, consumers may be eligible to recover damages for the crimes committed against them, in addition to holding irresponsible business owners accountable for the harm they cause.

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