Unsanitary Endoscope Reprocessing Can Lead to Patient Infections

Infections Resulting from Endoscope Reprocessing Failures

Illness & Injury Stemming from Failure to Clean Endoscopes Between Uses

According to a recent report issued by the ECRI Institute (a non-profit organization dedicated to research into the safety and efficacy of medical technology), “failure to consistently and effectively reprocess flexible endoscopes” is one of the top 10 medical technology health hazards of 2018.

Endoscopes are instruments that are used to provide a view of the inside of the body, typically the digestive tract. This is typically done by inserting a long, flexible tube with a small camera on the end down into the throat and esophagus. Cleaning such devices between uses is obviously imperative to patient safety, and failure to do so can have disastrous consequences for persons receiving endoscopies, as can failure to clean them promptly and store them appropriately. (Leftover moisture from use and cleaning can lead to the proliferation of dangerous microbes if endoscope parts are not stored in appropriately cool, dry locations.)

When doctors and other medical professionals fail to clean and properly store endoscopes and related components, patients may be exposed to harmful bacteria, which can lead to any number of illnesses. If you have developed a serious illness following an endoscopy, medical negligence may be the root cause, in which case you may be eligible to recover compensation for damages.

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