Why You Should Retain a Lawyer for Your Toxic Exposure Case

Toxic chemicals are about as common in some places as computers and desks are in others. The only difference is those who regularly handle toxic chemicals or are frequently around them could face serious adverse health reactions from them, particularly if they are exposed too much or they are repeatedly exposed, causing slowly-developing damage. While employers and premises owners are required to provide workers and property visitors with safety equipment and protection against exposure to these chemicals to the best of their ability, their efforts are in many cases not enough, resulting in potentially devastating injuries and illnesses.

However, just because you have been injured by a toxic substance doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll automatically receive compensation for the suffering you endure. In fact, you might be surprised to find just how quickly insurance companies can and will reject your claim unless you have an attorney on your side who can protect your rights. Here are three reasons why you should make sure you have a lawyer in your corner when filing a toxic exposure claim.

No Two Cases Are Alike

It’s true that certain chemicals have well-known and people have pretty common responses when they are exposed to them. However, how you were exposed will be just as critical a component to your case as how much you were exposed. The insurance company responsible for your care and treatment will likely do everything they can to protect their bottom line and try to discredit your injury, claiming it could have come from anywhere and isn’t necessarily their insured’s fault. In this regard, once you factor in circumstances, no two cases are ever the same. This is why you need an experienced lawyer who’s on your side and can effectively apply the law to your exact case and preserve your rights to the fullest possible extent.

Complex Requirements

Toxic exposure cases often require that you submit a lot of evidence to support your claim. For starters, you must first get the information that shows when and how you were exposed to a toxic substance. This can mean getting lists of chemicals you are around on the job, or a record of the different substances used in an area you visited. Likewise, you’ll also need to demonstrate that they have negatively impacted your health. Finally, you’ll have to do all of this within the statute of limitations, or the legal time limit which you have to file your claim. An attorney can help you coordinate all of this into an effective case and ensure it’s properly filed at the right time and in the right court.

Ensure You Receive Proper Compensation

Companies who know they are going to be liable to pay are no stranger to trying to use intimidation tactics to try to get those without representation to accept the first settlement offer thrown their way. Without having a Philadelphia toxic exposure lawyer on your side, you may not know how much your case is actually worth and be tempted to settle for far less than you need and what you’re entitled to. An experienced attorney won’t be dissuaded by strongly-worded settlement offers, and they’ll fight to get you what you deserve when you’re affected by toxic exposure.

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