Defective Bicycle Lawsuits: Who Can You Sue?

Bicyclists need to be aware of their surroundings at all time to stay out of danger and reduce the chances of getting into a serious accident. When near streets, they have to watch for distracted motorists that could abruptly cut into their lanes or turn in front of them. When on sidewalks, they have to keep one eye open for reckless pedestrians that might dash out in front of them. However, there is one serious hazard to bicyclists that cannot be spotted coming: a bicycle defect.

Examples of hazardous bicycle defects include:

  • Brake systems that fail or are largely ineffective
  • Bike tires that fall apart or burst
  • Bike chains that come loose while riding
  • Seats, pedals, or handlebars that fall off

Taken completely by surprise by the sudden defect, a bicyclist can do little to prevent an accident, crash, or fall. They could be seriously injured, even while wearing a helmet, and need costly medical treatments to recover. Since no motorist or pedestrian collided with them, how can compensation be sought in such a situation?

Filing Lawsuits for Defective Bicycle Parts

A bicycle accident caused by a defective bicycle part may actually be considered a product liability issue. To this end, the bicyclist could potentially file a claim for full recoveries against the company that manufactured the bicycle. The company could agree to settle the case for a fair amount, or it might be taken to court, where a judge will need to be convinced to hold them accountable for medical costs, bicycle repair, lost wages, pain and suffering, and so forth.

In less common circumstances, the bicycle defect might be traced back to a bicycle mechanic, not the manufacturer. People who take their bicycles to a shop for service should keep clear records of the work performed in case a defect arises later.

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