Aaron Hernandez's Estate Refiles Lawsuit Against Riddell Helmets

Attorneys representing the sister of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez have refiled a lawsuit against the NFL and helmet manufacturer Riddell. Hernandez’s lawyers first filed a federal lawsuit in September after the late football star killed himself in prison and an autopsy revealed he had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disease found in people who suffer repetitive brain traumas, such as concussions.

The 86-page civil complaint claims that Hernandez received several blows to the head while wearing Riddell helmets, and as a result, suffered from Stage 3 CTE (out of 4), a level that doctors might expect to see in a 60-year-old. CTE at that level can lead to violent behavior, depression, seizures, and death.

The new suit also alleges the NFL and Riddell colluded to conceal the dangers of football, by systematically suppressing data showing that repeated concussions caused permanent brain damage. If Hernandez had known of the implications, he might have chosen a different career, according to the lawsuit. Instead, “Aaron experienced a chaotic and horrendous existence in many respects, due to his undiagnosed brain injury.”

Although the NFL has not responded to the latest lawsuit, a spokesperson from Riddell said that they plan to vigorously defend themselves and also added that they introduced helmets designed to mitigate concussion risks more than 15 years ago.

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