How Can I Prove a Chemical Exposure Injury is Worthy of a Lawsuit?

For most injuries, it should be fairly obvious if the injury is real or not. For example, you know when someone has suffered a broken bone or laceration at a glance. But for injuries caused by chemical exposure, it is not always so clear that the injury exists, or that it was caused by the chemical exposure at all.

When someone is exposed to a harsh chemical, the health consequences can vary widely, which already make it difficult to pinpoint the cause. To make matters more complicated, many symptoms of a chemical exposure injury mimic those of a severe illness, like vomiting, diarrhea, high fevers, etc. Some may even look like a natural form of cancer.

Defendants in chemical exposure claims or class actions are well aware of how difficult it can be to prove the extent and cause of a chemical exposure injury. They try to use this uncertainty to their advantage to dodge as much liability as possible, minimizing or eliminating their need to pay compensation to harmed parties. If you need to create a chemical exposure claim, you have to be prepared to show beyond a doubt that your injuries were caused by the substance in question.

Establishing Liability in Your Chemical Exposure Claim

The first step in proving the reality and extent of your chemical exposure injuries is using your medical records to your advantage. Many illnesses and harm caused by hazardous chemicals occurs over time, perhaps even several years. You will want to dig back into your medical records to the first date in which you believe the liable party exposed you to the dangerous substance. For example, if you think you were exposed to hazardous materials while performing your regular job duties, look for the first medical record that exists after your first date of employment.

Once you get copies of relevant medical records, you should start looking around for other similar lawsuits or class actions filed against the same defendant. There is strength in numbers, as well as truth. The more complaints brought forth for chemical exposure and related injuries, the more likely a judge or jury will believe the link is real.

Lastly, you should team up with an experienced team of class action attorneys to give your case the legal support it needs to succeed. At Golomb Legal, P.C., our Philadelphia injury lawyers have been providing people high-quality representation for decades and we have managed to recover millions of dollars for our clients through winning case results. Learn how we can help you prove the existence of your chemical exposure injuries and place liability on the negligent party by dialing 215.278.4449 and scheduling a free case evaluation.