Woman's Family Recovers $72 Million in Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson

According to an article published by Bloomberg Business, Johnson & Johnson is being held responsible to pay $72 million to family members of a woman who experienced fatal injuries after using the talcum powder produced by the company. The woman’s family stated the products, baby powder and an additional talc-based product, caused the women to develop ovarian cancer. This was the first case that went to trial.

The total of $72 million was comprised of the following:

  • $10 million for compensatory damages
  • $62 million for punitive damages

Sources state Johnson & Johnson was aware of the potential risks their talc-based products produced, especially for women. However, the company continued to leave consumers unwarned. Currently, Johnson & Johnson is facing roughly 1,200 lawsuits, which all claim that the company’s baby powder and the Shower-to-Shower products all lead to the development of ovarian cancer.

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