J & J Faces Talc Lawsuit in Canada

Close on the heels of two talcum powder jury verdicts in the United States against the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (J & J), a Canadian class action has now been filed against J & J. The issue at hand is the potential link between baby powder with talc used for feminine hygiene and ovarian cancer, particularly in women who have used talcum powder for significant lengths of time. The Canadian plaintiffs currently include seven women and their family members who live in Ontario and Quebec, as well as the estate of a Montreal woman who died from ovarian cancer in March 2016 at the age of 66.

More than 1,200 Lawsuits Filed Against J & J in the U.S.

The Canadian lawsuit alleges J & J was negligent in the development, marketing, testing, distribution, design, licensing, and manufacturing of Johnson’s Baby Powder containing talc. While J & J claims there are no safety issues associated with their talc products, they are facing more than 1,200 lawsuits from injured women in the United States. The first three U.S. talcum powder lawsuits in the U.S. ended in wins for the plaintiffs and verdicts awarding damages in excess of $125,000,000.00.
In 2013, the first plaintiff won her suit against J & J by proving that J & J was negligent regarding their failure to warn of the risks of their product, and that their talc caused the plaintiff’s ovarian cancer. In February 2016, another family won their wrongful death lawsuit after their mother died just weeks before the trial began. The family was awarded $72 million, with $62 million of that being designated as punitive damages. A few months later, yet another women was awarded $55 million in her wrongful death lawsuit against J & J—like the previous award, $50 million of that settlement was designated as punitive damages.

Canadian Lawsuit Says J & J Was Aware of Talc Powder Dangers

The Canadian suit also alleges J & J was well aware of the dangers associated with talcum powder, yet failed to disclose those dangers to consumers, and failed to recall their talcum powder products in Canada. Requests for monetary compensation are expected to come later on. Each of the plaintiffs in the Canadian lawsuit were diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using J & J’s baby powder with talc for feminine hygiene purposes over a significant time period. The representative plaintiffs in the Canadian case are Marilyne Bernier, daughter to Therese Bernier, who died in March 2016 from ovarian cancer and Shaeda Farooqui, of Mississauga.

Research Shows Ovarian Cancer Increases by 33 Percent When Talcum Powder is Used for Feminine Hygiene

A significant body of scientific research has established over the past 35 years that when talcum powder is applied in the perineal area, on women’s underwear and on sanitary napkins, those women’s risk of developing ovarian cancer increases by 33 percent. The Canadian lawsuit hopes to bring justice to the many women in the country who were diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using baby powder with talc for feminine hygiene purposes. The lawsuit also hopes to alter the behaviors of companies who are placing known carcinogenic substances into the Canadian commerce stream.

More Lawsuits Expected to Be Filed Against Johnson & Johnson

The most recent United States J & J talcum powder lawsuit was filed in the District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on the ninth of June. The lawsuit is a wrongful death suit, brought on behalf of a 58-year-old woman who died of ovarian cancer after using J & J baby powder with talc for feminine hygiene for a number of years. As more evidence is found and more women come forward, it is expected the number of lawsuits against J & J will increase, potentially exposing J & J to billions in damages.

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