Defective Crossbows Causing Injuries

Barnett Outdoors, LLC is the largest manufacturer of crossbows in the United States. Barnett is currently facing several lawsuits brought by hunters who had severe thumb or finger injuries after using Barnett hunting crossbows that lacked thumb guards. Several models of Barnett crossbows lacked thumb-guards including the Jackel, Penetrator, Wildcat C5, and Buck Commander.

Barnett has been found negligent in failing to include thumb-guards in its crossbow design because the absence of a thumb guard allows a shooter’s thumb to rise into the path of the bowstring. Most other crossbow manufacturers designed their crossbows with thumb-guards, and while Barnett eventually changed its design to include a thumb guard, it never recalled the crossbows without the thumb guards. Therefore, the dangerous products are still in the hands of hunters throughout the country.

If you or a loved one has been injured while using a Barnett crossbow, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit against Barnett and obtain compensation for your injuries. The national product liability lawyers at Golomb Legalhave successfully represented individuals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and throughout the United States.