Indiana Woman Files Wrongful Death Claim Against AndroGel

A wrongful death claim has been filed by an Indiana woman, on behalf of her deceased husband, against AbbVie Inc. and Abbott Laboratories, the manufacturers of AndroGel. The case was filed in January 2016, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Pennsylvania. The plaintiff is claiming that her husband died after taking AndroGel, a testosterone replacement drug. The plaintiff’s husband was approximately 55 years old when he began taking AndroGel for symptoms he attributed to low testosterone.

The man was diagnosed with hypogonadism, a medical condition which results in low levels of testosterone. His doctor prescribed AndroGel; however, the plaintiff in this case claims she, her husband and his doctor were unaware of the risk of heart attack, stroke and pulmonary embolism associated with testosterone drugs. The plaintiff’s husband suffered cardiac arrest after four years of using AndroGel. The lawsuit seeks compensation for financial loss, pain and suffering and permanent injury to the plaintiff and her husband.

The lawsuit claims AbbVie and Abbott Laboratories engaged in a massive marketing campaign for AndroGel which associated a number of symptoms typically associated with aging or other conditions with low testosterone. This new “disease” was dubbed “Low T,” and the advertisements suggested men should ask their doctors for a prescription of AndroGel in order to alleviate such symptoms as:

  • Increased body fat;
  • Depression and moodiness;
  • Belly fat;
  • Decreases in bone density;
  • Loss of strength and muscle mass;
  • Decrease in libido;
  • Erectile dysfunction and
  • Lowered levels of energy.

In the past, these symptoms were considered nothing more than the normal effects of aging; however, testosterone manufacturers pushed these “Low T” drugs as a veritable fountain of youth which would help men regain what they may have lost as they grew older.

Testosterone Sales Brings in Billions for Drug Manufacturers

More than five million prescriptions were filled for testosterone supplements in 2014 alone. AndroGel is the most popular testosterone supplement with more than 60 percent of the total testosterone market. Testosterone supplements bring in more than $2 billion per year, a number which was expected to double by 2017. Levels of testosterone decline naturally by anywhere from 1-3 percent after the age of 30 for most men, however this is not the same as a true diagnosis of hypogonadism.

Studies Find Cardiovascular Risks Associated With Testosterone

After several studies detailed the potential dangers of testosterone supplements, physicians are now more cautious about prescribing the drugs, particularly since more than half of the men who currently have a testosterone prescription do not have a diagnosis of hypogonadism—in fact, many of those men have not even had their testosterone levels measured. One testosterone study initiated in 2010, was forced to discontinue the study due to the high number of participants who suffered serious adverse events. A study detailed in the Journal of American Medical Association Journal in 2013 detailed the risks of testosterone supplements, concluding men taking testosterone supplements such as AndroGel have a 29 percent higher risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke, blood clot, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis or even death. Another 2013 study found that some of the men in the study developed blood clots as soon as a month after beginning a testosterone supplement. The doctor who conducted this study advised doctors to carefully conduct a risk vs. benefit assessment on every man prior to prescribing AndroGel or any other testosterone replacement drug. Testosterone treatments can cost as much as $500 per month, although many insurance companies do cover the cost.

How an AndroGel Attorney Can Help You

The Indiana plaintiff in the current AndroGel case has claimed failure to warn, fraud, violation of Indiana’s consumer sales act and wrongful death, and is seeking both compensatory and punitive damages. If you or a loved one has suffered harm from AndroGel or any other testosterone supplement it could be to your advantage to speak to a knowledgeable AndroGel attorney who can assess the facts of your case and answer any questions you might have. The dangerous drug lawyers at Golomb Legal are representing dozens of men in this litigation.

National Dangerous Drug Lawyers

If you have suffered a heart attack or cardiac complication from AndroGel or other testosterone supplement, it is wise to speak to an experienced Philadelphia dangerous drug lawyer to determine what options are available to you. Drug companies who routinely put profits before people should pay for their negligence—and their unscrupulous behavior.

Discuss your case today with a Philadelphia dangerous drug attorney today, or fill out a free case evaluation today!