Man Files Lawsuit Against Sunoco Inc. for Deceptive Benefits of Credit Card Rewards

On August 14, a Florida man filed a lawsuit against Sunoco Inc. of Philadelphia in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania for false and deceptive representations of benefits advertised for the Sunoco rewards credit card.

Sunoco Inc. claims that cardholders receive a 5-cent discount on every gallon of fuel purchased at a Sunoco location. As of now, Sunoco is said to have motor fuel markets in 26 states, including Florida. The man claims that in January, he visited a Sunoco location to pump gas. However, the discount was not applied at the pump. When he called, a representative told him that the discount would be applied on his following statement, so he waited.

Upon seeing his statement for the following month, the man noticed that the discount was not applied. He called Sunoco, again, on February 26. This time, the representative told him that not all Sunoco locations honor the discount advertised.

Currently, the man is represented by the class-action lawyers of Golomb Legalincluding Richard M. Golomb, , Kenneth J. Grunfeld, and David J. Stanoch.

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