Improper Monitoring and Birth Injury

The United States boasts one of the most advanced medical systems in the world. It is the obvious expectation of mothers that their labor and delivery will be handled with the care and attention our medical standards demand. But all too often, incompetent or negligent staff allow delivering mothers to go without proper monitoring, resulting in thousands of easily avoidable birth injuries every year.

Failure to properly monitor a mother during delivery constitutes medical malpractice, and you may be entitled to recover compensation for any damages suffered by your child due to these negligent actions.

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High Risk Pregnancies

Improper monitoring can accompany any delivery, but birth injuries are most frequently caused by improper monitoring of high risk labors. Factors that must be considered when a woman enters a hospital for labor include:

  • The mother's age, height, and weight
  • The mother's medical history
  • The presence of gestational diabetes
  • Any irregularities with fetal development

These and other factors play a determining role in the amount of monitoring a woman needs during delivery.

Fetal monitoring is essential to ensure your baby is receiving sufficient oxygen during delivery. When even one mistake or oversight is made, your baby runs a risk for birth injuries including:

Proper monitoring alerts hospital staff if there is a problem, and provides them sufficient time to respond. For example, in many instances an emergency caesarian section can be used to prevent birth injuries. If hospital staff are negligent in their duties to properly monitor you, this life-saving procedure can be overlooked.

Fighting for You

Hospital staff and doctors have a responsibility to do everything in their power to guarantee a safe delivery and a healthy child. When they fail to do so, Golomb Legal will stand by your side and fight for your rights every step of the way in order to hold the negligent healthcare professionals responsible for their actions.

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