Lawsuit Filed Against Angie's List for Fraud

Recently, a lawsuit has been filed against Angie’s List for providing inaccurate information. Angie’s List is a company designed to provide members with accurate, unbiased, up-to-date customer reviews about various service providers. However, one plaintiff claims this website withheld valuable information that could have led her to select a different service provider.

In 2012, the plaintiff joined Angie’s List and searched for a contractor using the website. The plaintiff selected a company that did not have any reviews listed. She claims the contractor ripped her off. As a result, the plaintiff posted a negative review. Not to long after, the Plaintiff discovered that other members had posted negative reviews regarding the contractor’s services.

The plaintiff claims the contractor paid Angie’s List to hide the negative reviews. She states the company has not carried out what the company claims it is supposed to do, which is to provide unbiased information regarding a providers services to customers.

According to the investor relations department at Angie’s List, two-thirds of the revenue is generated from service providers. The lawsuit seeks damages based on unjust enrichment, fraud, as well as other claims