Plaintiffs Uphold Class Certification of Overdraft MDL Against Wells Fargo

Consumers of Wells Fargo pushed back when the bank prompted the court to reconsider arguments of deceptive overdraft fees. The Florida-based multidistrict litigation alleges that the motion from Wells Fargo did little more than replay arguments previously heard by the court in a 260-page evidentiary submission and briefs opposing challenging certification of the claims.

The plaintiffs said, “The certification issues raised in Wells Fargo’s current motion were already exhaustively briefed and argued by the parties.”

U.S. District Judge James Lawrence King granted the certification after two days of arguments from plaintiffs and the defendant in Miami. The cases are similar to a collection of suits filed across the nation in the late 2000s regarding claims that banks strategically deducted money from accounts to capitalize on overdraft fees.

Plaintiffs in the case are represented by Golomb & Honick, P.C. and several other firms. For more information about this case, view the complete Law360 article about it here.