New Study Shows Xarelto Doubles Risk of Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Xarelto is a newer blood thinner that has been on the market since 2011. Its primary function is to reduce the risk of blood clots in patients who have Deep Vein Thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, or have undergone a knee or hip replacement. Unlike older blood thinners, such as Heparin or Coumadin, patients taking Xarelto do not need to undergo regular blood testing and there are fewer known drug and food interactions. Yet, unlike traditional blood thinners – there is no known antidote to Xarelto. So, when a patient begins to bleed uncontrollably, there is little a physician can do to effectively stop these bleeds. Heparin and Coumadin both have a well-known anecdote to stop such bleeding.

Since the FDA first approved Xarelto, it has been prescribed more than 11 million times in America alone. During that time there have been more than 1,800 adverse events reported, including pulmonary embolisms, deep vein thrombosis, and gastrointestinal bleeds. During the first eight months of 2013 alone, there were 968 reports of serious Xarelto side effects and 72 Xarelto deaths. In 2012, there were more than 750 reports of serious Xarelto side effects and 58 Xarelto deaths. Pulmonary embolism is the most common injury sustained from taking Xarelto, but deep vein thrombosis and gastrointestinal hemorrhage are risks as well.

Now, a study published in the British Medical Journal concludes that Xarelto use could actually double the risk for gastrointestinal bleeding (GI Bleeds). The study reviewed 45,000 patients who took Xarelto and determined that when compared to patients taking Warfarin, GI Bleeds occurred 2x more.

Xarelto Lawsuits Continue to Climb

Recently more than 400 Xarelto lawsuits were combined into an MDL overseen by Judge Eldon Fallon of the Eastern District of Louisiana. These lawsuits were filed by plaintiffs across the country who claim that Xarelto manufacturers, Bayer and Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals, failed to provide adequate warnings regarding potential safety risks; failed to study Xarelto's safety; failed to include black box warning regarding risk of uncontrolled bleeding; and willfully withheld this information from patients.

Reasons to File a Xarelto Lawsuit

There are numerous reasons why injured patients and their families have chosen to file a Xarelto lawsuit. The main reason is to hold negligent pharmaceutical companies, Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, accountable for their actions and to prevent future injuries and deaths from this dangerous drug. Many patients also file a lawsuit because they have incurred serious injuries, leading to massive medical bills and financial hardship. There may have been emergency room visits, hospitalization, surgeries, and ongoing care. For families of loved ones who have died because of Xarelto, there is also the burden of funeral expenses, as well as the loss of future income and the pain and suffering that accompanies losing a loved one.

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